Beauty Transformation: Healthiest Hair Ever! – COMING SOON!



Self-quarantine has been recommended to protect ourselves and others during these times, however being in quarantine can cause many to experience bouts of boredom, stress, and depression. What’s there to do while stuck indoors? When you hear the word “quarantine” your mind automatically goes to all of the things you can’t do. But instead of focusing on what you can’t do, let’s think of ways to make the best of this unexpected downtime. Let’s keep our minds off of worry, stress and isolation, and use this time to pamper ourselves and focus on self-care. Eventually, you’re going to be able to leave your house and when you do, why not emerge better than before? … and with a head full of healthy hair!

This course is called the Quarantine Transformation because it provides you with an opportunity to transform yourself by incorporating a new beauty habits you may not have otherwise had time for before quarantine. Self-quarantining is the perfect opportunity to practice self care. Many of us haven’t found the time to practice self-care during our busy mornings, while rushing out the door to work, but now that we are only commuting from our bedrooms we have plenty of time to care for ourselves.

“Quarantine Transformation: Healthiest Hair Ever!” Includes:

Module 1: Hair Analysis

Module 2: Hair Transformation

    • How To Care For Your Hair
    • Transform Your Hair With Natural DIY Hair Treatments

Module 3: Hair Transformation Challenge

    • Daily Hair Care Instructions & Inspiration
    • BONUS #1: Hair Transformation Challenge E-Booklet
    • BONUS #2: Hair Transformation Printable E- Journal
    • BONUS #3: DIY Hair Care Printable E-Cards

Module 4: Results

    • You Can’t Argue With Results!