Beauty Transformation: Best Skin Ever!

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Self quarantine and social distancing have been recommended to protect ourselves and others during this unfortunate pandemic. However, such turbulent times can cause many to experience bouts of boredom, stress, and depression. When you hear the word “quarantine” your mind automatically goes to all of the things you can’t do. But instead of focusing on what you can’t do, let’s think of ways to make the best of this unfortunate turn of events. Let’s steer our minds away from stress, worry, and isolation, and use this time to focus on wellness and self-care. Taking this time to prioritize self-care can help you to make the most of any situation, as you persevere through these tough times.

This course is called a “Beauty Transformation,” because it provides you with an opportunity to transform yourself by incorporating a new beauty habits and routines that you may not have tried otherwise.

Beauty Transformation: Best Skin Ever! consists of:

Module 1: Skin Analysis

Module 2: Transformation

    • How To Care For Your Skin Type
    • Transform Your Skin With Facials & Masks

Module 3: Transformation Challenge

    • 30 Day “Super-Natural” Beauty Challenge
    • Transform Your Skin with Natural Skin Care

Module 4: Beauty Transformation Challenge

BONUS #1: 30 Day “Super-Natural” Beauty Challenge E-Booklet

BONUS #2: 30 Day “Super-Natural” Beauty Challenge Printable Journal

BONUS #3: D.I.Y. Skin Care Printable E-Cards


Jessica Y Hernandez is a Celebrity Makeup Artist turned beauty entrepreneur bringing Hollywood glamour and confidence to women everywhere, proving that beauty doesn't have to be complicated. Her goal in creating the Beauty+Online platform is to empower women to build confidence and self-image through education and beauty awareness.

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